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And while it may be tempting to treat them like an afterthought, you should give them as much care and attention as any other documentation. To help you stay on a release note roll, consider using tools that do some of the heavy lifting. If your updates are the result of user feedback or collaboration within your team, share a brief anecdote or give credit where it’s due. This not only humanizes your brand but also shows that you listen to your users and value their input. Your release notes should reflect your brand’s voice and tone, whether that’s casual and friendly, formal and professional, or somewhere in between.

Release notes are how product managers and developers let users know about product improvements, major bug fixes, and brand new features. They’re typically kept in a feed, page, or blog category to make it easy for users to discover all of the new updates in one place. Some users don’t want to scrounge around a lengthy release note document on your website or through email.

release note meaning

Keeping the information clear, concise, and user-centric ensures your audience gets the most out of your release notes. Release notes, or changelogs, are crucial for the overall release process. Use your release notes as an opportunity to demonstrate how your brand values are reflected in the updates you’re sharing. For example, if your brand is all about innovation, emphasize how the new features or improvements showcase your commitment to staying ahead of the curve. Nobody likes sifting through a jumbled mess of information to find what they’re looking for, right?

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Having a centralized repository for all your information makes it easy to gather the necessary data to create comprehensive, timely notes. Plus, with features like version tracking, task assignment, and due dates, project managers can have a clear view of versions and progress from project start to finish. These team members release note meaning have a comprehensive understanding of the product and its updates, as well as the needs and expectations of the user base. They can ensure that release notes are informative, engaging, and aligned with the overall product strategy. When you don’t include release notes, you lose a valuable channel for gathering user feedback.

Each component within the ONAP solution maintains their own component level

release notes and links to those release notes are provided below. Details on the specific items delivered in each release by each component is

maintained in the component specific release notes. All she found were guides where people encouraged her to write friendly, quirky release notes.

During product development, developers, product managers, and other stakeholders use release notes to communicate changes over time. They also serve as a resource for users who want to know what has changed in their product version and how it may affect their usage. Release notes are an essential way for product and engineering teams to keep in touch with users. When you use release notes software, you can publish these notes to your feed more quickly and distribute them with in-app widgets. It’s also smart to use social media and email for even more distribution.

Who’s in charge of release notes?

It’s an organized way of showing what’s new, what’s been fixed, what improvements have been made, share additional resources, and help guides. Issue Summary – List of bugs/issues resolved with a short description of what was done, and a description of how to reproduce the bugs. Overview – An introduction with a summary of features highlighting the new features. Issues/limitations/challenges — In this section, you should talk about all the limitations and obstacles you experienced while completing these changes. Fixed issues — Here, describe all the issues that your new release fixes.

The Developer Wiki remains a good source of

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Step 2: Include company and product information

community events. Release notes are cumulative for the release, meaning this release note will

release note meaning

have an entry for each Major, Minor, and Maintenance release, if applicable. Agentless Vulnerability Scanning for AWS ‍Request early access to Runecast SaaS from Runecast portal, and perform agentless vulnerability scanning across all your Linux EC2 instances. The newly added option for role-based authentication to your AWS account makes it more secure and easier to set up. Learn more about tools to solve various documentarian issues, within and beyond KnowledgeOwl. Release notes are a necessary part of software development but it’s an area where you can also have fun and be creative.

  • The process of developing a software initially starts with planning and management, and ends with the user end testing and product release.
  • A product manager can encourage the right people on the team to post about the update and provide example descriptions as well as imagery.
  • Resource utilization and allocation charts are optimized to display many clusters, improving performance during initial load and workload simulation.
  • Our knowledge base software KnowledgeOwl enables technical writers to publish outstanding documentation.
  • Keep customers excited and informed about your product and reduce the pressure on your support and customer success teams by writing release notes.

Even all the user feedback solutions and reactions fall into a higher plan ($99/month) than Rapidr($49/month). Notion is the all-in-one workspace that combines notes, docs, and project management and can be easily used for release notes. Many startups use it to collaborate, stay informed, and publish release notes. But it lacks feedback boards and integrations like Intercom,  with release notes.

She struggled to find a good definition of release notes once she was there. Anne Edwards’s talk about her experience with release notes had everyone laughing. You can probably tell what kind of crowd there was at Write the Docs Prague 2018.

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